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Temporary Traffic Signals

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Temporary traffic signals are becoming more standard on job sites because they offer safe, reliable traffic control.  Portable, temporary traffic signals are a great way to control traffic during bridge repairs, one-lane work zones, or slide repairs. They offer a simple solution for temporary crosswalks at special events or to replace flaggers at a work zone.

All of our traffic signals are manufactured by North American Traffic and feature:

  • Solar power
  • Easy set-up: one person can tow and set-up the signals
  • Strict design specifications that comply with DOT, FHWA and Military Standards
  • Signals are controlled by radio eliminating the need for wires
  • Built in safety features ensure both signals can NOT go green
  • MUTCD compliant
  • Automatic paging if the system breaks

Our temporary traffic signals can run 6 signals off one master unit. All set-up and timing can be done from the master units – no running to different units to set the signals up. The controller is custom built and easy to use.

In addition to selling and renting portable traffic signals, Pacific Highway Rentals also offers full service and repair on most signals. Please call for more information on repair services.