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Smart Work Zones

AWIZ diagram

Automated Work Zone Information Systems

NEW! Automated Work Zone Information Systems (AWIZ) are creating safer and more efficient transportation services.

Smart work zones include an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solution that provides a connected environment among equipment, infrastructure and motorists, receiving and sending real-time information about road conditions and potential hazards.

Create a smart work zone with the integration of ITS technology and sensors on the equipment to manage and operate transportation systems. Utilizing smart work zone technologies advances mobility, transportation safety and environmental sustainability.

From Simple to Complex

Every solution is custom designed by experts who understand the
intricacies, needs and risks involved.

  • “Trucks entering highway” warnings
  • Queue detection/warning systems
  • Portable camera systems
  • Crash prevention and safety
  • Traveler information applications
  • Travel-time systems
  • Event-traffic management
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Dynamic late-merge systems
  • Portable ramp metering
  • Doppler radar systems
  • “Speed Ahead” warnings
  • “Sharp curve” and “wrong way” warnings
  • Freeway and arterial management

Our smart work zone equipment is manufactured by Wanco.

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