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Light Towers

Light Towers

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Diesel Light Towers
Standard Light Towers
Solar Light Towers
Stadium Light Towers
Balloon Lighting System

Let us help you see the light!  Our newer fleet of portable light towers is perfect for your next job or event.  Create a uniform light pattern across your job site or event any time of day with multiple options of lighting:

Standard Light Towers: Easy to use with run times up to 60 hours on a full tank of fuel.  The 30-foot variable-height mast with rotating tower reduces need to move trailer.

Diesel Light Towers: Ideal for wide-area lighting.  Diesel Light Towers are portable and quick to set-up.  360 degree light rotation, lights operate at all heights.

Solar Light Towers: These automatic solar charging light towers are quiet and produce no fumes. The telescoping 20-foot mast provides bright, energy efficient lighting.

Stadium Light Towers: Portable and extremely stable, these stadium light towers can withstand high winds while producing light on an extensive amount of space.  Ideal for parking lots, construction and industrial applications.

Balloon Lighting Systems:  Portable balloon lighting systems offer glare-free lighting solutions.  Available in stand mount, cart mount or equipment mount.  Ideal for flagger stations, road construction and maintenance or special events.